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[The first clue something is wrong should really be the bright, downright perky smile. If anyone needs more clues, there's the short skirt. And the pom-poms. That's right, it's a cheerleader. Daria Morgendorffer. (Unfortunately, the change has done nothing about the thick, round glasses or the mousy brown hair that looks like she doesn't bother with styling it at all.)

Daria's been gone for awhile, and all she really knows of recent events is that there was a fight. Which means, although she wouldn't have been caught dead doing this a few days ago, doing what she can to raise morale. The same way she'd do it at school.

Which means a cheer. A real, clapping, pom-pom-waving, cheer.]

Go, Luceti!
The team that can't be beat!
Go, Luceti!
The fastest on your feet!

[She gives just a moment's pause before grinning - yes, Daria grins now - at the feed. She is quite proud of her perfect poetry there.]

((ooc: Definite personality change here. Daria is the cheerleader, which coming from a series of high school stereotypes means she'll be acting perky and a bit airheaded.))
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[She's been putting this off. Actually, she's managed to put it off for a very long time now. But as slow as she may be, she knows when there's something she needs to say.]

Look, this probably isn't how you're supposed to do this sort of thing, but I'd rather get it out there up front and over with. I'm sorry for any... strange things I may have said or done while I wasn't quite feeling like myself.

That goes for Valentine's Day, and more recently. Though I have to admit recently wasn't that bad. In fact, if it was always like that here, I could probably get used to it. Eventually. Enough to hold my complaining down to a dull roar, anyway.

So I was wondering, too, about these filial spirits. If magic is really something here, it probably behooves me to try to see it at work. Anyone willing to volunteer to let me? I'm not saying I'm going to try it out myself, or anything like that. I just want to see it.
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[Daria looks older since she was last seen, maybe even 30. Her looks have stabilized to something a little less painfully plain, though still intellectual, and her clothes suit her frame. However, she looks every bit as unimpressed as her younger self would.

She remembers how this goes, and turns on the voice feed for her version of letting people know she's back and seeing who's still here that she remembers. Surprisingly, that will be quite a lot of people.]

I thought I stopped having these dreams way back before college.

Must be nerves.

[She is also under the impression that her time in Luceti ended some time ago, and that she has inexplicably been brought back.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, it turns out.]

(ooc: also open to vday antics - partial list of personal traits and attractive traits here)
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[This New Feather has found the journal, at least. She manages to make the new feather dress look even more shapeless, and her wings are a dull brown that would be the envy of a mud puddle trying its hardest to look unappealing.

She's also calm. Her expression is impassive and her tone is every bit as neutral.]

Since I don't recall any moments of spontaneous and uproarious joy, I'm forced to conclude that I have not, in fact, died and gone to Heaven. Besides, without a harp, I'm afraid I just couldn't get into the spirit.

Unfortunately, I also don't believe this is some alternate universe straight from the Twilight Zone, and I was actually secretly looking forward to college, instead of this. So if someone's listening, mind a more believable explanation? This guide reads like a practical joke, if I knew anyone likely to plan it.
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This serves as a catch-all interactions post for Daria at [community profile] luceti. It may be used anytime and anywhere, including on or off the journals. Please state the format (voice, video, written, action) and date accordingly.
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